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International Relations Office

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

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Dear prospective student!

You may be going through a life defining point in your life that is getting your education.

These pages are designed to cater for your queries as to what educational opportunities to opt for and not only! First of all we are happy to come forward with your immediate entourage where you are supposed to study, socialize and recreate.

The distinctive feature of Saransk is its duality. On one hand Saransk is a modern, medium-sized city preserving, on the other hand, islands and relics of post soviet epoch.

This duality is explicable. Transition to market economy which is not finished yet had a considerable impact on Saransk in many aspects. But all changes are for good because studying here you have a unique opportunity to observe a new Saransk appearing in front of your eyes.

Every day going to your studies you will be able to see new structures mushroomed, services offered, infrastructure bettered. In all this there is your contribution as you participate in this process. It means you encourage, anticipate and provoke changes. That is why your presence here is necessary as together with us you produce a new society, a new Saransk and a new university.

If you are still not convinced of whether it is your place or not and dissatisfied with these introductory notes then turn to other pages of our website for a in-depth examination.

International Office Admission Team


1. Why Saransk

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3. How to get here

4. Living in Saransk

5. History and Culture

6. Entertainment Info

7. Views of Saransk

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