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GENERAL INFO - why Saransk

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

+7 8342 472377

+7 8342 247951



Here are the 10 good reasons for choosing to study in Saransk!!!


  1. The Mordovia State University - one of the largest universities in the contemporary Russia!
  2. Easy to apply and get enrolled (compared to the universities of Europe and the United States)!
  3. Saransk is a city of many cultures and confessions!
  4. Friendly people, high level of tolerance!
  5. The district is famous for its historical and cultural place to see!
  6. Safe to live!
  7. Low prices of education and subsistence!
  8. A developed network of public transportation!
  9. Saransk is a clean and green city!
  10. Wonderful possibilities for going in for sports!


1. Why Saransk

2. Brief intro

3. How to get here

4. Living in Saransk

5. History and Culture

6. Entertainment Info

7. Views of Saransk

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