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GENERAL INFO - how to get here

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

+7 8342 472377

+7 8342 247951


How to Get Here

Traveling from Moscow to Saransk

Mordovia is connected to other regions of Russia by a network of roads and railroads. The safest, the most convenient and the cheapest way to get to Saransk is by the railroad. The 'Mordovia' train that connects Moscow and Saransk departs daily from Kazansky train station in Moscow and arrives to Saransk at 8.14 in the morning.

The University meets and escorts the foreigners that have Saransk as the destination point

The University provides for paid services of meeting and escorting for the foreigners that arrive to Russia due to the University's invitation. An official from the International Relations department meets the visitor in the airport and escorts him/her to Saransk. We highly recommend this facility for those with a poor command on Russian in case they do not have Russian speakers to meet them. In the other case the following information may be of use for those arriving to Russia.

How to get to the Kazansky train station from the 'Sheremetevo-2' airport

There are two ways of getting to the train station different by the price and speed. The first option is to rent a taxi that costs around $50. The second option is to use one of the regularly departing from the airport 'Gazelle' minivans. You will need to get off on 'Rechnoy Vokzal' ('River Station') bus stop, enter the Metro (subway) and get off on 'Komsomolskaya' subway station (on 'Koltsevaya Liniya' line). Following the directions placed everywhere in Metro it is possible to get to the station through underground tunnels.


Buying the train tickets

The train tickets are sold in the ticket offices of Kazansky train station. You can buy tickets on the day of departure or beforehand. Buying the tickets, one should keep in mind that there are three types of carriages in the Russian trains that differ by the level of comfort. ‘Platzkarta’ (common car, the price is $14-17), ‘kupe’ (4-people compartments, the price is $27-30), ‘SV’ (2-people compartment, the price is $50-60). Buying the tickets in Saransk you should notice that some local companies charge extra $2-5 per ticket.


Transportation in Saransk

This is the ultimate question to be answered once you are in Saransk. The city has a well-developed network of public transportation (that includes trolley buses, private and municipal buses and minivans). The public transport is popular with the locals because of the low fares (3-6 RUR = $0.1-0.2). This is why it is difficult to use the transport during the rush hours.  

A more fast and reliable way to get where you want is to order a taxi. Riding a taxi from one district to another costs 50-60 RUR ($1.5).

It is possible to catch a taxi in the streets (it is advisable to choose the ones with the taxi signs on them for the considerations of safety) or call to the numbers 008, 058, and 230 037 to place an order. There are taxi companies in Saransk that have set prices for any rides (not depending on the route length).

See the map of Saransk to find out how to get to the University.

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