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7. Views of Saransk

GENERAL INFO - Living in Saransk

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

+7 8342 472377

+7 8342 247951


Living in Saransk

The first question that arises when you are in the city is where to stay. Here are some tips on what Saransk offers for the visitors. The easiest and most common place to stay is a hotel. There is a number of them in the roundabouts. 'Saransk' hotel is so far the most popular option with the visitors. It offers a wide range of facilities. A one-room suite costs $20/night, a luxury one-room suite will cost you $45/night. If you decided to order a two-roomed apartment, the prices are $30 and $85/night respectively. The hotel charges $50 for a half-luxury suite. The building also hosts 'Saransk' restaurant that offers meals in a cozy and quiet setting. There is no problem of spending extra money as well - 'Colibris' casino welcomes guests. 'Esmeralda' disco club situated next door welcomes nightlife lovers.

The prices and, accordingly, the level of service are lower in 'Sura' hotel. The prices there are as follows: $7-8/night for a single-room suite, $12-24/night for a double-roomed suite, $50/night for a luxury suite.

'Mirta' hotel - the only privately owned one in Saransk - is also a competitor in the field. In exchange to higher prices it offers an unbelievable for a provincial city level of service. Luxury apartments cost $100/night here.

There is another way out of the problem - companies of Saransk offer a day rent of apartments. For instance, 'Arsenal of Realty' company provides for a wide range of flats in different parts of the city. The day payment for a one-roomed flat is $30, and $40-50/night for a two-roomed apartment.

Students of the Mordovian State University are offered rooms in the university hostel for a very low price - $5/month. The official visitors of the University stay in the apartments of the House of Scientists, where a one-roomed flat will cost $10/night.


Saransk provides for a developed network of banks and their branches that offer a standard set of banking services. The largest banks of Saransk are 'KS-Bank', 'Mordovpromstroybank', 'Active Bank', and 'ImpexBank'. Each of the banks possesses a network of banking machines where you can get cash at any time convenient for you. The sum that you can cash in a single entry is 6,000 RUR (approx. $200).

'ImpexBank' and 'Mordovpromstroybank' are Contractors of Western Union money transfer system. 'Active Bank' and 'Mordovpromstroybank' have a facility of cashing checks.



(for one month)


University provides numerous opportunities, many of which require the participants to pay some money. Entertainment, trips, activity fees can add up to your estimated budget. These can be worthwhile experiences though, so don't write them off your budget.

Students that arrive for studies in the Mordovia State University should budget the following expenses:

Food                                               $100-150

Accommodation                               $5

Transportation     free of charge in municipally owned transport

                                      if you have a student ID,

                                                      $10-15 in private transport

Medical subsistence   free of charge in the student clinic,

                                   $5-15 for a visit in a private clinic

Medicals                                         $10

Leisure                                            $100-200

Clothes, personal expenses              $50-100

TOTAL                                           $275-480


Those who choose to live outside the student hostel should budget the following expenses:

Food                                                        $100-150

Accommodation                                        $200-250

Telephone, television, newspapers              $10-20

Transportation                                           $10-15

Medical subsistence      free for owners of a medical insurance

Medicals                                                   $10

Leisure                                                     $100-200

Clothes, personal expenses                       $50-100

TOTAL                                                    $480-745

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