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7. Views of Saransk

  GENERAL INFO - history and culture

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

+7 8342 472377

+7 8342 247951


History, Culture and Sports

Saransk was founded as a military fortress on the border of the Russian state. Historically the city is famous for its participation in peasantry revolts. A famous poet and democrat Polezhayev, a sculptor with a worldwide fame Stepan Erzya, the painter Sychkov, and the classical musician Kiryukov were the citizens of Saransk at different times.

Saransk nowadays is one of the major regional centres of culture and education, one of the hubs of the Russian lighting industry.

Saransk boasts of a series of cultural facilities – theaters, concert halls, museums, libraries. The theatrical art is developing rapidly in Saransk.

Yaushev State Musical Theater (Sovetskaya, 60, tel. (8342) 475 304). There is a number of high-level performances that became special of the house: ‘Ivan Susanin’ by Ivan Glinka, ‘Czar’s Bride’ by Rimsky-Korsakov, ‘The Barber of Seville’ by Rossini, ‘Traviata’ and ‘Rigoletto’ by Verdi, ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Eugeny Onegine’ by Tchaikovsky, ‘Mermaid’ by Dargomyzhsky, several performances based on the local folklore. Operettas and musical comedies are the most common in the theater.

State Drama Theater of Mordovia (Sovetskaya, 60, tel. (8342) 475 304). The theater proposes performances of famous Russian dramas. Recently, the repertoire of the theater became aware of the essential problems of the epoch. The theater offers performances of musical fairytales for young art lovers.

Mordovian State National Theater (Sovetskaya, 27, tel. (8342)473 389). The majority of performances are based on dramas by Mordovian playwrights. However, the masterpieces of Russian and foreign playwrights are also performed here. The languages of performance are Mordvin (Moksha and Erzya) and Russian. The simultaneous translation into Russian is done during the performances.

Republican House of Culture (Proletarskaya, 39 ). The house includes the largest concert hall in the republic that has room for 1,100 people, sports hall and cinema hall. The center of Mordvin culture is also located here.

Concert performances play an important role in the culture of the republic. There are several universal and folk bands in Saransk that make performances in Russia and worldwide: Vastoma, Kelu, Rosichi, Saransk city violin music band, Singing Through Russia, Torama (the latter made performances in England, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia), Umarina (performances throughout Russia, in Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia).

The Erzya Republican Museum of Arts (Kommunisticheskaya, 61 (8342) 47-40-28, 47-62-33) actively organizes exhibitions. Its collection boasts of the best masterpieces of the Mordovian artists, sculptors, decorators. The museum became known worldwide for its almost complete collection of statues of the famous Mordovian sculptor Stepan Erzya.

The museum is open daily 10.00-18.00 (except Monday)

How to get there: trolley buses ## 9 and 15 buses ## 3, 8, 20, and 28, bus-stops "Respublikanskaya" or "Musei"

Sports Palace (Polezhayeva, 34). The sports palace has facilities for swimming, diving, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, along with a large hall fit for indoor ball games – basketball, volleyball, indoor football. Competitions of different levels are held here. The yearly competitions are as follows: ‘The Cup of Friendship’ basketball cup, indoor football, diving, wrestling cups. The top-notch stadium is used for holding competitions in ice speedway and jogging.

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