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Student halls of residence: single, two-person and three-person fully furnished rooms with complete furniture. In student halls of residence you share a kitchen or/and a bathroom with others. The rooms cost 250 $ a year. All living locations can be easily reached by public transport (travel time is 15-20 minutes from the university).

Upon arrival and placement at the student halls you will be immediately
provided with a wardrobe, a table, two chairs, a table lamp, a bed with a mattress, beddings, a bedside-table and a book shelf.
You should envisage some money for domestic electric appliances and kitchen utensils.

Top 6 Things Students Need at University

If you're wondering what things you need at university, here are our top 6 suggestions. In the order of necessity:

6. A cellular.
5. Computer and printer...no matter who offers to "share" with you, when it is midnight and the paper or research is due tomorrow, you will want access to your own computer.

4. A mini-fridge.
3. Music equipment - a CD/mp3 player and your favorite CD's. And maybe even a headset in case your roomie doesn't like heavy metal at 5 a.m.!?

2. A comfort object for homesick days...this will vary depending on gender, but may include pictures, photo albums, stuffed animals, favorite CDs, books, and pillows.
1. Stuff. You will want stuff to make your new abode, be it dorm room or apartment, seem like it belongs to you. A great bedspread and matching sheets, a rug by your bed, your favorite pj's, a bookshelf, photographs, etc. A dorm or apartment room can be very small so don't clutter it up. Take just what you need.

Accommodation at the student halls: 2 persons per room.

Alternative options: apartments for rent.

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