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International Relations Office

Russian Federation
Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, 430000
Bolshevistskaya, 68

+7 8342 472377

+7 8342 247951


Should you decide to apply you need to submit by fax or email us the scanned copies of the following documents in order for us to prepare your visa invitation letter:

1. a completed application form;
2. a photocopy of the picture page of your international passport;
3. a translation of your international passport in Russian certified by a Russian notary (upon arrival in Mordovia);
4. an original copy and a translation of your secondary school diploma with the summary of academic records;
5. an original copy and a translation of your university or college diplomas with the summary of academic records (if applicable);

6. certificate of equivalence for all academic documents;
7. AIDS testing report.

FAX number: +7 8342 247951

The required original documents of education (items 4 and 5 in the list above) are to be attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of applicant, then translated into Russian. Translated into Russian, they are to be certified by the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of applicant.

The originals of these documents except the application form are to be submitted upon arrival.

Applicants unable to provide the certificate of equvalence are eligible to apply only for preparatory courses taught at the Academic Skills College.

Before enrollment all international students are liable to pay:

  • the visa invitation fee (25 USD);
  • mailing expenses of the visa invitation to the place of request (depending on distance);
  • expenses of meeting in Moscow airport and accompanying to the place of destination. These include: train tickets, taxi, daily subsistence, incidentals (150 USD per person +250 USD for a university representative)

The above sums must be transferred prior to the commencement of study through Western Union (WU) to an international relations officer to cover the costs of the above-mentioned activities. The surcharge for WU service is the responsibility of the applicant.

Hotel room is paid for separately.

Once your documents and payment are received, they will be reviewed, and a letter of acceptance with your visa invitation will be sent to you. As a rule it takes one month to process and issue the necessary documents.


Bank transfer
You are required to transfer tuition and accommodation fees to the university account. If it is not possible due to some reasons you should confirm to the International Office the availability of funds by providing a confirmation letter from the Russian Embassy in your country.
In this case you should have at least 1200 $ with you upon arrival at the airport. If you are unable to prove the availability of this sum at the airport in cash, credit cards or in traveler’s cheques the university representative is authorized to send you back to your country from Moscow.

International students are required to inform the International Office about the exact dates of arrival at least two weeks before the date.

An academic visa does not allow international students to work during the academic year or vacation.


After arriving to Saransk, Mordovia (within 3 days after arrival) an international student has to:

  • pay 100 % of tuition at the Academic Skills College only for the first year of study (with installment scheme for consequent years of study) and 50 % at any other faculties;
  • pay registration fee and 100 % for a room in students' halls of residence;
  • pay an administrative fee of 100$;
  • pay a recruitment fee of 100$;
  • submit the following original documents: passport, education documents, medical certificate, certificate of equivalence, 10 photos (3cm x 4cm);
  • have a physical examination at the university polyclinics;
  • get familiar with the rules of residence for foreign students in the Russian Federation and the rules of internal order within the University

The estimated budget for tuition and living expenses for one academic year is 2.500 - 3000 U.S. dollars.

Upon meeting the above requirements an International student is enrolled for study by signing the appropriate contract. Otherwise the student will have to leave Russia immediately.

As an international student you are entitled to have access to free medical treatment at the student hospital.

In order to avoid the costs that in case of intensive care or difficult operations may grow unbearable, students should have their own medical insurance or buy a local one at the International Office.

Please note that we do not offer any financial aid or scholarships for International students.

All costs quoted are given as a guide and are subject to change. The University reserves the right to alter fees without previous notice.

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